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Modern Carbon Fiber Minimalistic fromt pocket Wallet

Modern Carbon Fiber Minimalistic fromt pocket Wallet

Worlds Smallest Carbon Fiber Men’s Minimalistic Wallet Money Credit Card Holder. 

• This wallet is 5mm wider than a credit card and the same thickness. 
• Take out your own credit card, and this wallet is only slightly larger
• This wallet is the smallest, most compact wallet in the world. 
• It is a little more expensive as they are made of real carbon fiber
• It has taken years to get this design, which seems very simple, but has been years in the making. 
• This wallet holds 1-10 credit cards and cash (folded)
• This wallet is for the individual looking to have the smallest profile wallet possible. I personally keep 4 cards on my wallet and that’s Ll I use daily. They include:
• card 1 - Credit card
• Card 2 - License
• Card 3 - Debit card 
• Card 4 - Another credit card
• This wallet has been a Great conversation piece everywhere I go from the grocery store to the moon.....jk. Checking to see if you are still reading. 😉
• Credit cards slide in and out by simply pressing 1 piece which creates a slot to hold up to 10 cards and cash
• Cards are easy to remove and replace after use
• Shipped with free USPS First Class.
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