BLACK Tuscan leather racing strap YELLOW stitch

BLACK Tuscan leather racing strap YELLOW stitch

TUSCAN Double Shoulder Top Grain Leather - These are my BEST STRAPS• Looking for a stunning watch strap? This dynamic looking and silky feeling strap is oozing character. It has a modern look with an old world vintage charm. Just a bit of Inconsistent coloring throughout gives it a vintage vibe. Everyday wear creates a unique patina as it traverses through your life• Any vintage watch, though they look particularly bad-ass on Subs, Speedies, GMTs, and 50 Fathoms.• Tuscan Double Shoulder Leather is durable, extremely water resistant, flexible and confirms to your specific wrist agter a few wears and Quickly becomes your favorite strap• These straps are made to change overtime depending on your usage. They capture scuffs and scratches and will lighten and darken as worn based on sweat, humidity, liquids and salt, which creates a strap that will have its own unique look and feel• These straps are purposely dyed to have varying degrees of light and dark color throughout the strap (please see pictures)• These straps have a glazed finish to add character, a longer life and that smooth silky lookDetails• sides are have water resistant spray, but are NOT finished edges• Length is 120mm x 80mm• Comes with quick release spring bars so you can change them within seconds• Thick, upgraded stainless steel buckle• These look great on Tudor, Rolex & Omega watches • Band is designed for & WILL show markings and is made to take on a distressed look as it is worn.• Watch shown is NOT included in the sale• ORDERS RECEIVED BEFORE 2pm ship same day, orders after ship next day via USPS first class shipping• PLEASE READ these straps take 1-2 extra days to make. I cut and make all straps in bulk a few times a year, but these straps go through a different finishing/glazing process that needs time to set

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