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21mm Vulcanized Rubber strap ORANGE for 42Explorer II

21mm Vulcanized Rubber strap ORANGE for 42Explorer II


Black Vulcanized Rubber watch band

PLEASE READ - this strap is 22mm, but is flexible and can be squeezed onto the 21mm lug width of the 42mm Explorer II.

• pictures in this listing show my personal watch and how this band fits on it.

• will for the 42mm Explorer II and the 43mm SeaDweller only. Does not for the 44mm Deep Sea

• I send with multiple spring bars, curved and straight to allow these to fit your watch

• Comes with a thick, high quality 18mm Stainless steel buckle

• Watch NOT included, just to show actual fit.

• Length: 120mm x 80mm. Will fit from 6.5” inch wrist to 8.5”

• 4mm taper so it’s a 22/18 or 21/18

• Will ship with USPS First Class Package

Please do NOT purchase these straps to "try" on a different watch than what is listed before reaching out directly to me as these are now non - returnable.  I have had too many customers think they "might fit" on watch XYZ, but dont realize that these strap[s are made with fine specification to certain watches and the following was taken into consideration, case height, case curvature, lug heigth, lug depth and hole placement inside the lugs.  That is alot to consider, so just because a watch has a 20 or 22mm lug width in no way determines if these will fit.  Please email me prior to purchasing amnd I will probably have an idea if it will or wont fit as these straps are made specifically to fit rolex 40mm cases, i have found many more they also fit, but even more they dont fit.  

Why the need for all that info?  Not all VR straps are created equal.  There are similarly priced straps from other sellers that look the same, but when held in person are very different.  My straps cost over $17 each, and thats not including the buckle.  many sellers buy the cheap flimsy silicone straps for $3-5 and the fit and feel and quality is completely different.  On a scale with the silicone straps on one end, and the big boy $200 or more VR straps, my straps would fall on the 75% line, meaning I am 25% from the $200 straps and 75% away from the lower quality silicone.  Feel free to buy and test for yourself.  

As you can image, if I pay a bit over $20 for the strap and buckle, and on top of that include shipping, ebay, paypal, breakage and return costs, I am left with little to no margin.  I can either raise my prices to account for this, or try to limit sales to those who plan to keep and use these straps.  

Feel free to ask any questions

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