20mm Deep BROWN curved leather strap for Rolex watches (Submariner)

20mm Deep BROWN curved leather strap for Rolex watches (Submariner)

Genuine Italian Calfskin leather Band/Strap compatible with Rolex Oyster perpetual date submariner, GMT, Explorer II & Yachtmaster• These straps are HIGH Quality Italian calfskin leather. • Underside is a tanned vegetable leather. • They are thick and made to ensure a perfect fit with your Rolex ceramic Submariner watch (also fits other 20mm lug width rolex watches, but will have to change to a curved or thin spring bar (included)• Watch and a generic buckle included with a couple links• Shipped with 4 different sized straps (4), as well as an aftermarket buckle with links to ensure a perfect fit anywhere between 6-11 inch wrists • These STRAPs can be used with your current OEM Buckle as well• These are high quality handmade straps. They not an authentic Rolex product, but made to fit perfectly on Rolex Sub case watches• Shipped with 4 sets of spring bars to ensure a perfect fit, regardless of which Rolex you have. • Set 1-Quick release spring bars• Set 2-Thick spring bars • Set 3-Thin spring bars (these flex to allow lug hole placements that are slightly different than the Ceramic sub cases• Set 4-Curved spring bars - use when the lug holes are significantly different than standard sub cases (not used often)• This ensures you get the right fit on your 1 year or 30 year old rolex)• Straps May have slightly different striations/color as each is handmade from its own piece ofLeather, but will be very close to the pictures

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