20mm BLACK Italian Leather strap fits Rolex submariner WHITE

20mm BLACK Italian Leather strap fits Rolex submariner WHITE

20mm BLACK Calfskin leather curved (fitted) Band Strap Rolex SUBMARINER GMT

• My fitted Rolex straps are designed with a classy sophistication combined with modern flair and a little determination to be different.  They are bold and beautiful while still allowing your submariner to be the star of the show.  Casually rugged, and sophisticated yet stern straps to be worn to a dinner party, or a football game.  

• The Stainless steel bracelet on a Submariner is a classic, iconic look and one of the purest of all time......but, occasionally you want a different look, and maybe a better feel on your wrist.  We've got just the thing.  Our Italian Cowhide leather straps are made with a submariner in mind.  They offer a color contrast that makes others ask what type of watch you have on, allowing you to proudly display your Submariner

• Genuine Italian Calfskin leather Band/Strap compatible with Rolex Oyster perpetual date submariner, GMT, Explorer II Yachtmaster & Daytona

• Underside is a tanned vegetable leather. 

• Curved End leather strap fits flush against your Rolex watch. 

• Watch and a generic Deployment buckle included, but can also be used with your OEM Buckle, or Glidelock buckle

• High quality handmade strap. These are not authentic Rolex products, but they sure fit like it!

• Shipped with 3 sets of spring bars to allow these to fit on most 40mm Rolex sub case watches and some 36mm Datejust watches. 

•  Set #1 - Pre-installed quick release straight spring bars that can be removed 

•  Set #2 - Curved spring bars.  These are purposely curved and just as strong as a straight spring bar

•  Set #3 - Standard Straight spring bars that are flexible so that you can massage them slightly when putting them on just in case your lug holes are slightly different than a Standard Ceramic Sub case

• This ensures you get the right fit on your 1 year or 30 year old rolex

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