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Thick DARK GRAY Hardened Suede leather GRAY Stitch

Thick DARK GRAY Hardened Suede leather GRAY Stitch

Quick Release Hardened Suede Leather Vintage Watch Strap 

• These straps were finished by adding a final sealing solution. It hardens the suede leather, and also gives it a subdued, yet vibrant appearance
• We bring the vintage appeal of the suede strap to a more contemporary fit and feel. 
• The fabric tightens and gives off a cleaner, sleeker look than our standard suede straps to improve the quality, as well as durability for long term usage
• Spec’s
• Length 120mm x 80mm
• Stainless Steel Buckle included
• 4mm thickness 
• Suede leather watch strap
• Thick upgraded stainless steel buckles
• Quick Release Spring Bar for easy on and off to switch straps whenever you'd like
• DOES NOT INCLUDE the WATCH!  THAT is just to show what it looks like.......:)
• Fits nicely on Rolex, Tudor, Tag Heuer and Breitling Watches
• US Shipping, so you will get it quickly 2-3 days after order
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