Modern minimalistic front pocket wallet

Modern minimalistic front pocket wallet

Modern, Minimalistic Top Grain Italian cowhide Leather & Stainless Steel (front pocket) Wallet

• Handmade Minimalistic leather wallets upon order being placed and use only the finest Cowhide Leather

• The Leather in these wallets has been Oil tanned & waterproofed

• To preserve the original state of the leather, I use minimal products to keep the leather soft, supple and smooth

• You May notice the imperfections on each wallet because of the softness & original state, which makes it hard to work with.

• Like any good leather (unless you coat it with a ton of product) it will immediately start getting marked up (distressed)

• This leather is from a hide that costs between $180-$420. The main cost is the leather itself

• RFID shielding

• Securely Holds from 2 to 6 credit cards plus some cash

• Easily access, remove, insert, rearrange and put cards away

• Fold cash twice and retrieve just like a card

Most people need 2-5 cards to keep on them at all times

• Plus anything else you may need, but why put cards in that are every once in a while?  Most cards are not needed daily, or regularly, at most a couple times monthly.  Costco card, Insurance card, discount card, loyalty card, gift cards, etc. why carry all these cards everywhere you go? (Take a picture and leave these cards at home)

• This card holder is formed to secure cards in place and will not fall out

• Wallet is small and easy to keep in your front pocket, offering extra security from theft

• Modern & Minimalistic designs are in - it’s simply looks cool and works amazingly well

• Easy to access and rearrange by pushing the cards up through the cut out and spreading cards (like a deck)