20mm Brown vintage

20mm Brown vintage


Genuine Italian Calfskin leather Band/Strap compatible with Rolex Oyster perpetual, datejust, submariner, GMT, Explorer II Yachtmaster 


• These straps are HIGH Quality Italian calfskin leather.


• I am extremely proud of these straps and they are the best I have ever made. In time, I will be raising prices to $79.99, but for now, you can get an amazing leather strap for your Rolex for a low price.


• Underside is a tanned vegetable leather.


• They are thick and made to ensure a perfect fit with your Rolex s”sub” case


• Curved End leather strap for a flush fit against your Rolex watch case


• PLEASE NOTE - the color will have slight variations and may look slightly different than the picture. I do this for 2 reasons. First, I dye the leather by hand to order, instead of painting the leather. By dying, the leather maintains its natural variations and can affect the consistency of color. Second, I dye these to order, so occasionally, it will be slightly darker or lighter, but will looks very similar and great on your Rolex watch


• I can change the stitch color to just about any.....however, I cannot change lengths. These straps are extremely labor intensive and they were a passion project for me and they take 2 hours each to make.


• fits between 6.5 - 8.5 inch wrists 120mm x 80mm


• Strap is 20mm/18mm at buckle


• it’s high quality handmade strap. It not an authentic Rolex product, but made to fit perfectly on Rolex Sub case watches


• Shipped with 3 sets of spring bars to ensure a perfect fit, regardless of which Rolex you have, but with standard quick release spring bars it fits perfectly with the Submariner & GMT Rolex watches


Set #1 - quick release straight spring bars inside the strap that can be removed


Set #2 - standard straight spring bars


Set #3 - curved spring bars.


This ensures you get the right fit on your 1 year or 30 year old rolex)